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I’ve been traveling, attended a workshop recently and returned from vacation not too long ago. I have many, many more senior images to blog about but first I wanted to share this one image from a High School Senior Photo Shoot I did in the studio. This senior has the most amazing legs, hair and skin she is just so beautiful inside and out and very blessed to have such a wonderful mom too! She also did an under water shoot as well, which was my first, and I will share those soon too. I love working with this age group because there is so much in life they don’t know, how much they think they do and I wonder most of all how and what will do they in life that will make a difference. It also reminds me of my youth and how much I thought I knew but no matter what age we are, there is always so much to learn.
I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do.

Beautiful High School Senior Portraits | San Jose and SF Bay Area HS Senior Photographer

Senior portraits are one of my favorites to photograph. Back in the day our portraits were not close to being fashionable as the senior portraits you see today. With all things that change, such as fashion & style to name a few, we stay on top of our game to assist you with your wardrobe selection and any concerns you have no matter how small they may be. We can also assist you from choosing the perfect accessories, beautifying seniors with our awesome make-up and hair stylists and finding the perfect shooting location. Hey, if you have a location you want us to photograph at we will take a look around ahead of time and do our best to make it work. Let us take these matters into our hands because that’s what we do! Plus it’s all free, we offer free consultations which will help you keep your sanity and just might help you sleep better. Leave this hard stuff to us. For more information on Senior Portraits please contact Charlene at (408)859-6267 or

Thank you Patty for asking us to create beautiful senior portraits of your daughter and being part of your history in a sense. Good luck to Kaitlyn as she begins her exciting journey in a new country for the summer and we know she will do well in college this coming fall.







Meet Malai Lang | Salon Services | Beautiful Headshots for your Business

The beautiful Malai Lang has a full service salon and offers skincare, waxing, lash extensions and more. Her website is You can schedule an appointment directly with her at (510)861-7503 or by call the salon directly at (408)377-2255.

Malai’s Beauty Care at Salon Rache in the Pruneyard
1875 S Bascom Ave Suite 2430
Campbell, California 95008

Professional Head Shot

Fashionable & Beautiful Senior Portraits | San Jose & Bay Area Senior Portrait Photographer

It certainly was a pleasure photographing Nina for her Senior Portraits! I have seen her grow for the last 5-6 years and soon she will be off for her next adventure. Nina, we wish you the best and know that what ever path you take you will be awesome!

When you are ready for your Senior Portraits we offer fashion in studio, beautiful outdoor themed locations and this summer we will be offering underwater photo shoots! We are also launching a magazine just for High School Seniors….stay tuned. Don’t choose to have your friend with a camera shoot your pictures but rather contact us to book your Fashionable Senior Portraits, you will be glad you did!







Justin’s Restaurant, Catering & Event Production | Business Promotion & Professional Head Shot

Michele Perez came in for a head shot to update her LinkedIn profile. I followed up to share her business here as a thank you for using my services. I had also dined at Justin’s in Santa Clara and what a delight to my taste buds! The salads, pizza, burgers and deserts were off the chart delicious and lucky me I get to go again for a graduation dinner party. I highly recommend you make reservations and give them a try. I guarantee you will add them to your favorites and please make sure you tell them I sent you.
Justin’s Restaurant, Catering & Event Production
SANTA CLARA, CA 95050 / (408) 638-5300

After using Charlene’s professional services for my LinkedIn’ photo she graciously invited me to share a listing of Justin’s in Santa Clara. Justin’s is a relatively new Restaurant at the former Wilson’s Bakery site in Franklin Square. My Husband, Justin, is the Executive Chef and I work as an Account Manager in our Catering Department. We are passionate in creating great dining experiences for those who dine in the restaurant or those who attend an event catered by Justin’s. Please see more information below:




Bob Caravantes - June 2, 2014 - 10:03 pm

Very nice

Carol Camilli-Montgomery | Realtor | Professional Head Shot

I was honored when Carol asked me to create her new head shot. Carol is such a beautiful person inside and out and she has a great personality. I’ve found another good friend to hike with and a new golf partner! Not that I play golf that often but looks like we will be golfing together a few rounds soon. Here is her information:

Your “Go To” REALTOR®!

As a leader, innovator and top-selling REALTOR®, Carol Camilli-Montgomery has the pulse on today’s Silicon Valley real estate market. Carol has helped families buy and sell homes in the Silicon Valley since 1996. Previously with Coldwell Banker and Almaden Oaks Realtors, Carol is a proud part of Alain Pinel Realtors since 2011, ranked the fifth largest real estate residential real estate firm in the United States for a second consecutive year based on its sales volume in 2012, according to REAL Trends.

Known for her high energy, amazing marketing, and effective negotiation skills to sell a client’s property for top dollar, Carol’s clients highly recommend her to their friends and family. Her clients value the exceptional customer service and focused attention and services Carol provides, allowing Carol’s business to be based on referrals. Carol’s Real Estate Appraisal background provides her with a competitive edge over other agents. Her goal is to make each person’s real estate experience as stress-free as possible and easy to understand from the beginning of the process to the end, so that she will gain your trust and referral business.
Carol’s motto is “I treat others how I want to be treated.” Carol looks forward to talking real estate with you! Call or text her today at 408.209.7809.

Large and Small Group Portraits | San Jose & Bay Area Photographer

I really enjoy taking large and small group portraits whether it’s a volunteer organization, business group or an extended family session. What I really like doing is telling people what to do.;-)
The truth is I like the challenge and getting creative with large groups. No matter how much I plan ahead I have to be ready for any curves that come my way: kids crying, family drama, pants ripping in the butt-ttocks (pronounced just like in Forest Gump), team members running late or even equipment malfunction which is why I carry back up equipment at all times. The next time you are planning your large or small group portrait please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll come double camera fisted and no need to apologize in advance for your family behavior either. I’ve just about seen it all and trust me, I can handle just about anything that comes my way.

This is The 2014 Silicon Valley Cares Board Members. Each year this organization raises funds for three different non-profits one being the Par Tee Classic Golf Tournament in August and the Broomstick Ball Costumed Halloween event. Both events are a blast and a must attend as each year the decor and themes get better than the previous. Check out their website and click on events from the menu. Silicon Valley Cares

Below is a previous year’s Board Members portrait.

One from last year’s Par Tee Golf tournament.
events_large group portrait

Coming soon is the 2014 Almaden Valley Women’s Club Board Members portrait. The AVWC is celebrating their 38th Annual Art & Wine Festival this coming September 14. They were voted “One of the best festivals in San Jose, that features something for everybody!” Check out their website and please put the Art & Wine Festival on your calendar. The Almaden Valley Cares Women’s Club

Below is the 2013 Almaden Valley Women’s Club Board Members group portrait.

One final image from an extended family session. This family was actually an easy group to photograph. The only challenges included were finding a cool location on a hot summer afternoon, in the shade to fit them all and it needed to be close to their church event. We looked around at several locations and photographed at the side of Los Gatos High School.
extended family portrait

Kona | Places to See | Travel Photography & Landscapes

I put this together for anyone interested in traveling to Kona aka The Big Island. There are so many restaurants, amazing beaches, coffee houses, waterfalls and activities. I’ll mention a few of my favorite places that I usually visit while there. I took the liberty of providing the link so you can easily find the address.

The Poke Shack just happens to make number one on my list because it is a must have poke stop for me. They have the freshest and widest array of the most tastiest poke to choose from. Their seaweed salad is the only one I will eat too because I’m picky.

da poke shack

Akaka Falls
Rainbow Falls
There are so many waterfalls to visit and depending on where you are staying it can take half a day to visit. Our group hiked a series of them even though I only listed two and I believe we hiked through a total of 5 in about 4 hours. Don’t forget your iphone and/or waterproof camera. I had several images but did not keep track of which image was taken where but here are a series of them.



Makalawena Beach
Makalawena Beach is a must see beach. The drive after you exit the highway is a bit rocky but be patient and go slowly so that you don’t damage your rental. After you park there will be about a 1/4 mile hike just to get to the beach but it’s well worth it. Before you head out there will be a porta-poty so you’d better go as there are no bathroom. Please don’t pee in the ocean because if you do people will notice the fish you just killed when they float to the top of the ocean. Ok, so you head out after you’ve used the restroom and you just might see some billy goats with goties(sp?). You do need to wear tennis shoes because the trek is on lava rock but once you get to the sand you can switch to your flip flops. From the sand to the actual beach you will walk by what looks like an abandoned resort but keep walking past that. You will come to another small beach and if you’re lucky you will see turtles basking in the sun. After you stop to take more pictures keep on walking. The next part has the feeling of a forest with beautiful trees but keep walking along the path past the tree and finally you will reach Makalawena Beach. You will know. It’s so breath taking and you will feel like dropping everything you have and run for the water. It’s paradise so plan on staying a good 2-3 hour if not longer and you may want to pack lightly. I would recommend your smartphone, lunch, plenty of water, sunblock, snorkel gear, a towel and a snack just before the trek back to the car. There is a picnic table there if you decide to sit in the shade and have your lunch.
The lava rock hike.





Kona’s Own Cafe
Our group decided to go on a coffee tour and came happened to stop at a new cafe. Every time eggs benedict is on the menu that is what I order. We had a group of 8 girls and we all ordered something different. I lost my notes to this part of the trip but I have to give two thumbs up for the eggs benedict. A few girls had pancakes and fritatas and everyone had happy tastebuds. After eating we stepped into their store and purchased a few gift items such as local honey, some coffee and cheese for the road. We definitely will return to this cafe.






Royal Kahili
If you stop by the Royal Kahili please say hello to the managers of the condo complex, John and Bridgett. The RK just happens to be one of our favorite places to stay at because my sister and brother in law also own a unit. Take a look at the property and see how beautiful it is. You can contact my brother in law Kevin at Smith Vacations to book his unit and if he is full you can also contact John at the complex to book another unit for your stay.
On our last visit we had a large group of family and friends who attended my nephews wedding. The complex is a great place to host a group party as we had about 60-70 people at my nephews pre-wedding party. Across from the complex is what feels like a private beach and we usually walk across to watch the sunset with a maitai. It’s so romantic.


I like to call this the Royal Kahili Beach because it’s conveniently located right across the street.


Alii Drive
I added the Alii Drive link in case you wanted to drive along and stop to visit other places. The Pahoehoe Beach Park is along Alii Drive.



Green Flash Coffee is also located along Alii drive and just a short walk north from The Royal Kahili. Get an early morning walk in for some coffee and a breakfast sandwich or burrito.

The Keiki Classic is held every year on one of the beaches just north from the Royal Kahili. We walked over to watch the event. I got an iphone shot of the famous Kelly Slater but it was too dark. Darn backlight!




The Frisky Seal
The Frisky seal is a great sports bar to have lunch and watch your favorite team play on the tele of course. The food is pretty good too and my favorite is a bluecheese burger with fries.




Darn, I couldn’t find any pics from this last trip but it’s north on Alii Drive closer to the downtown area.
Same goes for Huggos. It’s near Humpy’s.

Mountain Thunder Coffee
We didn’t make this coffee house because we ran out of time shopping at a few boutiques on the way to the coffee houses. I mention this coffee house because one morning I had tasted this coffee at my sisters unit and it was the best coffee I had ever tasted. I will definitely make a trip to this coffee house on my next trip.


Greenwell Coffee
We did make it to this coffee house and had a tour. They give a great tour and you’d be surprised how coffee is processed if you don’t know. I do recommend you visit Greenwell for their tour. Sorry but the coffee here happened to be bitter for my personal taste.






Aloha Massage Academy – sorry no link, I’m not sure exactly where this is located but you can call the number listed in the image and ask.
If you are looking for a great massage and not pay an arm and leg, there is a spa that is run by students in training. My sister and brother in law swear that they have gotten the best massages there and very worth the drive.


My sister and I were on a walk and came across this little blue crab. I placed my macro lens on my iphone and this is how I got the close video.

I’m not sure what else I am missing but I just hope you have a great time. When I vacation I usually don’t have a schedule of things to do but rather a place or two I’d like to visit.