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I find it difficult to keep up with everything after a trip. I return home, unpack, there’s laundry to do, go to the market but I’m really good at backing up my photos and video. The hard part is going through them and deciding on which to share because I have so many favorites. I’ll finally be sharing my Bora Bora trip soon but fir now you can enjoy this image I took at The St. Regis Resort where we stayed.



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I love to be outdoor and like everyone else I usually take a lot of pics. Using this app gives me great flexibility to blog away from my computer.

My first mobile blog post…this is so cool!!! Popped in to see my girlfriend Malai at her new salon location this morning. She’s an aesthetician and can tell you how to get beautiful skin just like hers.

Studio M 6485 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95120 |  (510)861-7503


Image I took of her in the studio a while back.

Congratulations Malai.👍🏼

I’m Back | Personal Blogging

I have a lot of personal events going on that I take plenty of pics of. I decided that I’m going to begin blogging about personal things like the hiking, running, mountain biking, abalone diving and cooking that I do.  I follow a few blogs and Karen’s is one of them. I wish I had more time to read blogs all day because I fond so many people interesting but I have to limit myself from social media otherwise I would never get anything done. So I found Karen on Instagram. REI mentioned her and that she was getting ready to hike the Pacific Coast Trail. This hike is on my list so I decided to follow her. I enjoyed Karen’s writing style and her pics but most of all that she put herself out there with all honesty! She can be found here if you want to follow her too – Karen K. Wang.

In Karen’s post today, she shared advice from one of her friends “…to just blog during her hike even if it’s one sentence”. His advice was that blogging will help remember her experience and it will last for generations. This is so true! You NEED to record your events and special moments and place them somewhere whether in a notebook, and physical album or an online blog. Share them! I can go on about people never doing anything with their video and pics on their iPhone and that’s another blog coming soon!

Anyway, Thank you to Karen for sharing your blog post today and it was a great reminder for me to blog more and especially putting my personal experiences/events somewhere other than keeping them on my phone/computer.

I hope you find this blog post helpful too, have a great day.



I ran again, 4.4 miles, for the first time yesterday since my foot/knee injuries.


It’s so great to be back!