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Business Head Shot Savings – Take $25 off your head shot when you purchase before September 30. Purchase now and book at a later date. This is for outdoor locations only. Your business head shot doesn’t need to look all stuffy, we can create casual business head shots like these for your LinkedIn, Twitter and Website profiles. Give us a call before the deadline to save on your next business head shot.
I went onsite to this groups location and we found a nice indoor spot while they worked.
Please contact me for more information on how to look your best, what to wear and location.
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Newborn and Children Portraits | Newborn & Children Photographer in the San Jose and & SF Bay Area

This image of big brother and little baby sister just melts my heart. The relationship this little guy has with his little baby sister is so gentle and loving I know this little baby will be so blessed to have such a wonderful role model as well.❤️

We photograph many children and their relationships. We don’t always show this kind of work to protect our clients but it happens and we are grateful our clients book us to capture their newborn and children portraits! It gives us pure joy and pleasure to create such wonderful art of their children’s portraits for our clients.
When you are ready, please contact us to schedule your consult to discuss how we can create beautiful portraits of your newborn and children or if you have a newborn or children you would want us to photograph. We are excited and waiting to hear from you!

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Fall Family Portraits | San Jose & Bay Area Family Portrait Photographer

It’s time to plan ahead for your Fall Family Portraits.

At Charlene Chavez Photography, we make it easy to help you decide on clothing and location. We provide a Family Clothing Guide to help you select colors so your Family Pictures will look beautifully coordinated. We look at framed Family Portraits as an extension of art on your walls that you will display for years so why not look your best!

Please give us a call when you are thinking of having your Family Pictures taken. We will be glad to answer any questions and help you plan ahead.

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Professional Casual Business Head Shots | San Jose and Bay Area Professional Head Shot Photographer

Casual Business Head Shot

Many professionals don’t realize that first impressions really do make a difference for their professional business head shot.
Your casual head shot does not mean using that bathroom selfie because people just might remember you as, “that person with the bathroom stall in your profile picture.” You don’t want that to happen!
Instead, hire a professional and get it done right. There are so many looks and locations to select from for your professional business head shot so plan ahead and decide on the look you want and the location. In studio you can decide on which color background you want, if you want props such as sitting in a chair, leaning against a wall or just a tight simple crop. Outdoor you can decide on sitting on stairs, leaning against a wall or railing or beautiful foilage behind you. Professional and Casual business head shots are limitless but one thing to remember is that you are a professional and using a professional head shot is what just might separate you from “that guy with the bathroom stall” in his profile pic. Separate yourself

Specialized Sport Themed Session For Children Portraits | SF & Bay Area Children’s Photographer

I just love it when parents have an idea for their Children’s Portraits and we make it come to life. If you can imagine an idea we can create your special children’s portraits!

I spoke with the mom on the phone about what she wanted. I then went to her home and she walked me into a very cool room that had vintage equipment and vintage portraits of various sports. I looked up to find a huge chandelier made of rod iron and immediately wanted one in my studio. That’s another story but this room was pretty amazing.

They brought their daughter in with a vintage dress, vintage soccer ball, vintage tennis balls and racquet, vintage soccer shoes, vintage boxing gloves and other equipment such as the boxing bag. From the very first look, you can tell she was a sweetie. When she got serious, she was serious and was a complete super star aka badass!

Below are a series of images taken in the studio.

Special Children’s Sport Session.

In the image above I just love her seriousness.

Below is the image I created with some added effects so we can create any type of effects if wanted for your children’s sport session.

Special Effects added on Children Sports Session.

All of the images were photographed in the studio. using studio lights are key in getting dramatic images for children sports sessions because you don’t want flat lighting you see in natural light photography. We have large 4×6 ft soft boxes that provide beautiful lighting that you cannot get with outdoor natural light.

The image below is what the parents had printed for their Vintage Room and decided on a large canvas.

Children Vintage Sports Boxer Girl

Image below of Children sport Canvas on their wall.