10th Annual Rodriguez Turkey Bowl

This year the Bianchi Family was the guest of honor at the 10th Annual Rodriguez Turkey Bowl. Here are some of my favorite images. Thank you to Don Johnson for helping me take pics while I was in the game.

Welcome back Bianchi’s

the first pick

the cup

the gals


uh, I don’t know?




don’t ask

holding up the game, c’mon man

This is Steve, the All American who just about does it all…


place kicker footbal holder person,(ha,ha)


his son Matt, following in his footsteps


our mascot

“Butter Fingers”

go Mike!


this little guy was so quick he floated off the ground

his dad had to make sure he didn’t float away

still not sure?

Mike & Char


Chuckie & Morgan

Chuckie scored a touchdown on this play.

Torch still tying his shoe.

…so we gave him a yellow

the whole gang

…and then we started a game of rugby 😉

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