10’s Almaden Baseball All-Stars South Team – Bay Area Sport Photographer

Congrats to these Boys of Summer for making the 10 Year Old Almaden Baseball All-Star Team!  It was a good game to watch just because my son wasn’t playing, especially pitching, so I didn’t have a nail biting time while there.  I’m sure you mom’s know what I’m talking about!

The sun was out, the sky was blue, the smell of fresh popcorn was in the air and every now and then a whiff of hotdogs on the grill made my mouth water .  Ahh, those good ‘ole memories of baseball that I surely miss!  Had to watch my girlfriend’s son play just so I could get dust in my eyes, ha ha.  While there I took pics but didn’t move one bit so these were shot through the fence where I was sitting.  Enjoy!


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