Monthly Archives: August 2007

The important men in my life.

We took Michael and his best friend to college last week. It was tougher than I thought! Yes, I had to break out the box of tissue but luckily I didn’t run out. Mikey, we’re very proud of you!

Gabe decided to take a break from soccer and try football. He also is the kicker so his soccer skills are still being put to use.

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She is a little angel from Heaven!

Just too cute!

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Mari & Scott

Mari & Scott were so fun to work with!

Mari made such a beautiful bride.

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My very first blog.

Yes, Rex is smiling. 😉

I just love this picture of my dog Rex. Ok, two. He is the sweetest, cutest and friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. He is my running partner and won’t stop for anything. He has helped me train for two marathons. What were my times you ask? Well, that’s another blog. Stay tuned.

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