Monthly Archives: September 2007

Leland vs. Silvercreek

Another great game by Leland. Of course here are a few shots of my son tackling. Go Leland!

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My Boys in 1994

I came across a photo I took of my boys with a Kodak point and shoot camera. Notice the shadow on the left. It was a Kodak moment so I rushed to get the Kodak camera and not bother with pulling them away from the wall. It surely would have ruined the moment because shortly after this was taken one was crying and the other had a look of guilt. Hmm, I wonder why??

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Pictures in Paradise *Maui*

What a great time in Maui. Richard Fulton, CMO of Premier Access in Sacramento, asked me to take portraits of guests on a trip they hosted early September. It was an honor and of course, pictures in paradise, who in their right mind would turn it down?? See more portraits at my website.

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