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Jonathan & Samantha

This engagement session took place at Santana Row. Jonathan and Samantha are going to have an awesome wedding from the details they shared with me and their wedding location at the Sea Scape Golf Club in July. Wow, what a beautiful place!! Here are a few engagement session pics. I can’t show them all since they might have not seen them yet. To view more pics, go to my website, and click on FEATURED. I am adding more pics to my Featured Galleries so check back soon.

They’re so cute together!

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10th Annual Rodriguez Turkey Bowl

This year the Bianchi Family was the guest of honor at the 10th Annual Rodriguez Turkey Bowl. Here are some of my favorite images. Thank you to Don Johnson for helping me take pics while I was in the game.

Welcome back Bianchi’s

the first pick

the cup

the gals


uh, I don’t know?




don’t ask

holding up the game, c’mon man

This is Steve, the All American who just about does it all…


place kicker footbal holder person,(ha,ha)


his son Matt, following in his footsteps


our mascot

“Butter Fingers”

go Mike!


this little guy was so quick he floated off the ground

his dad had to make sure he didn’t float away

still not sure?

Mike & Char


Chuckie & Morgan

Chuckie scored a touchdown on this play.

Torch still tying his shoe.

…so we gave him a yellow

the whole gang

…and then we started a game of rugby 😉

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Premier Access in Vegas

I had the honor of photographing a trip hosted by Permier Access for their top producing brokers. The trip included the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Vegas which is something you have to do at least once in your lifetime!

Me, just hanging out.

Just after their instruction. My handsome hubby Mike, Richard Fulton and Ron Filice.

The crew Premier Access treated to the Vegas Trip

The first group to drive. My hubby is the third from the right.

Getting ready to drive.

We stayed at The Venetian and OM Goodness, this is on the shopping level at the hotel!!!

The view from our room, wow!

Helmets and suits, how lovely.

Car 27 On the Track

I had a personal tour on the grounds.

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Just like the in the movie “CARS”

the food court…

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alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5155183467861774786″ />

the garage…

an inside look of the garage…

another race track nearby

Sweet Ride

More car images…

Tthe markings on the tire tells the professional drivers the history of each tire.(click to enlarge)

Parting Shot…
I was treated to a ride with a professional driver and on the first lap I was holding for my dear life wondering why I said yes to this. By the fourth lap I was comfortable until he told me we were going about 165mph!!! YIKES!!!!

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December 3rd, Sooo Cute!

My girlfriend Janel and I had mini-portrait sessions and I just had to post some of these I took of this adorable little girl whose family she was taking pictures of.

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November 28 I’m Catching Up

It’s been one heck of a winter season. I’m attempting to catch up with my blog and update my website with new pictures but I’ll start off with this pic of my son training for soccer one weekend.

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