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I came across these tulips the other day that I saved on my hard drive a while back. I wanted to share them with you. Nothing fancy but they’re just so beautiful.

Enjoy…and have a nice evening.

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Bigger Pictures

I finally gave in and decided from now on that I will post larger pictures. As you can see from the previous post that I did enlarge a few. If this becomes a problem for you, such as your browser taking a long time to load the page, you will need to upgrade your web server to a service that provides DSL or faster web page loading. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is another sample of the size you will be seeing from here on out. I just had to post a pic of my running buddy Rex. He’s such a good dog!

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San Jose Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend Julie, her son Brent and I completed the half marathon, WHOOO HOOOO!!! Why was I excited? Well with us both having bum knees we didn’t think we were going to do as well as we did. Technically we had a time of 2 1/2 hours but we had stopped for a couple of reasons. Brent did a great job and stopped to wait as we caught up to him for at least a 2 mile wait so we could cross the finish line together.

All images taken with my Nikon Coolpix 4100 on the run. Gotta love the portable cam’s. I’m a Canon gal but I still love this camera!

From L to R: Kara, me, Julie, Brent and Connie.

Our friends from Old School.

Furture Rock n’ Rollers. Check out the little guy dead center. He can barely reach the strings. ha ha!

The HP Pavillion “Shark Tank”.

I know, I told you we didn’t stop, I’m so busted! I was really trying to get towed to the finish line.

My bib number, actual proof that I ran! lol

Like my sun flare?

Mile 13, almost there!

Julie & Brent at the finish line, great job you two!

Wearing our medals, yes we were so proud!

Looking forward to next year’s run.

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Ruben & Robbie

It was such a pleasure photographing Gabe & Robbie. No, that’s no typo I knew him as Gabe but most know him as Ruben. How can I describe the wedding: the food was delicious, the home was beautifully decorated and the people were so wonderful and all had a great time.

Here is a little share of their special day. Love U Two!!

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1st Annual Holiday Boutique

We had great food, great people and all had a great time at my 1st Annual Holiday Boutique. I would like to thank the vendors that shared their holiday items and those who took time out of their busy schedules to shop with us.

Since I was hosting my first boutique it slipped my mind to take pictures. Can you believe that!? [ I was such the hostess though 😉 }. So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few before the end of the evening. I even forgot to take pictures of my own display. Shucks!!

That’s ok, you can always go to my website and see my work but my blog is where you can read about what is happening in our community and you can read about the mini-session I am having for holiday portraits(see top right side-bar). Don’t wait last minute though because you want to be able to order those Christmas cards too!

These are the vendors that came over to “Share the Love”.

I had to track Holly Sanford down through Leticia at UnWined because when I first saw her cigar box purses displayed there it was at least 5-6 months ago. I just had to have her over. She beautifully custom designs them with just about anything imaginable. Holly, I’m having one done soon with a picture.

Holly can be reached at:
Fiorella Designs

I can’t believe I only took one picture of her display! Shucks again!

This is Karen Davis recieving a raffle prize from Holly. Oh so lucky!!

This is my high school girlfriend Stefanie. She makes her jewelry by hand and customizes to your neck, wrist, ears & I think ankles? Tell your hubby what you want and have him give her a call!

Funky Lotus Jewelry

Stef is holding a certificate for a customized cake from Claudia’s Sweeties. Claudia’s cakes are so yummy!

This is her chunky and funky jewelry.

My neighbor, Amanda Laugesen, came over on short notice and decorated my bath room & kitchen. She also had a lovely decoration placed on my piano but I didn’t take a picture of the kitchen or the decoration. Shucks again!

If you need your home decorated for the Holidays, after the Holidays or a color consultation, give Amanda a ring at (408)205-0855. I will be working with Amanda to get her website up and running soon! She will be featured on my blog in the near future.

Thank You Amanda!

I turned the lights out so you can see the beautiful effect the candles had in the bath tub. How beautiful & creative! Who would’ve thought of candles in the bathtub? Amanda, of course.

Claudia’s Sweeties have the most delicious and beautiful chocolates! You have to try them! Get your order in now for holiday chocolates, cakes and cookies, they are so delish! You can reach her at (408)644-5551. She will be featured on my blog in the near future as I am helping her with a new website. I’m so excited for her!! I love everything chocolate…

Erin Blodgett, a consultant with Southern living, was another vendor I was excited to have. She hung beautiful wrought iron picture and candle holders up to my walls and I was sold. To contact Erin for your early shopping you can reach her at:

(408) 268-0200

Mimi Quibain decorated my food display for me. Thanks so much Mimi! She brought beautiful shiny platters, large decorative trays, shiny fabric, and all things I wouldn’t have thought of. Mimi sets up for events all the time and it only took her less than 15 minutes. Are you kidding me!? It would have taken me over an hour, but that’s why I had Mimi do it because she’s the professional!

You can reach Mimi at:
Events by Mimi
{event emissary} is that the correct spelling??

er friend of mine also designs hand made custom jewelry. Her business name is just so stinkin cute: Wrist Candy!!!

Deb McCreary can be reached at:

(408) 891-5841
Her website will be coming soon and she will also be featured in the near future on my blog.

It looks so yummy!

This is Leticia and she is picking another raffle winner for a gift card. She is the owner of UnWined here in Almaden and I just read on their website that they now have outdoor seating. Stop by, taste some new wines and shop in their cute store for nifty wine items. The prices are great too.

I’m looking forward to next years Boutique!

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