2010 Leland SeniorBall – San Jose Photographer

Gabe rushed from his Leland baseball game {pics of that game coming soon} to hit the showers while I rushed to Bloomster’s for Amanda’s corsage. We made it just in time to take pics at the Alamden Golf Course. When we arrived it was just crazy with over 70 people, Seniors “dressed to kill”, moms with cameras and dads sitting back watching the chaos. For some parents it may be the last set of Senior Ball pics they get to take before their son/daughter walks across the graduation platform and become “know it all’s”. LOL, just kidding on that last remark. It’s a bittersweet moment! We want our kids to grow up and become independent little souls and at the same time we wish we could keep them safe and nestled under our wings. Just another reminder that the umbilical chord was cut over 17 years ago, we don’t need to wipe their cute little noses any more and maybe, just maybe they will realize that money REALLY doesn’t grow on trees! They’ll figure it out soon enough.

Yep, they grew up way too fast! I remember so well Gabriel’s first day kindergarten. The bell rang, he stood in line and looked back at me as if to say, “It’s okay mom, you can go home now.” The confidence on his face just about brought tears to my eyes. He was really excited and even better his “best friend in the whole wide world” was in his class too. He was ready. For a month before school began he just about went everywhere with his school back pack strapped on his shoulders. Was I ready? I was the one crying and I remember asking myself, “What am I going to do when he is in school?” He was my little hang out buddy.

So if I could have another 17 years to do it all over again I would jump on that chance without hesitation! Someone please tell me Face Book has a “Do Over” button or that iPhone has created an app!!!

So here they are, the CLASS OF 2010 all grown up. sniff sniff

Gabe & Amanda



The Guys

Guys Jumpimgweb

Friends – Courtney and Cassie


Nick and Kaitlyn


Taylor and Alex


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