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Monte Sereno Wedding – Bay Area & Destination Wedding Photographer

The wedding of Matt & Missy Schembri took place in a beautiful home in Monte Sereno just outside of Los Gatos. Add the wedding decor and you have a scene right out of a popular resort. Now add the people, music, food and Vogue-ish looking bridal party and you have a gorgeous wedding!

Meet Matt & Missy.

When I met Missy I thought right off the bat she looked like Carrie Underwood. Matt was quiet and when he spoke he spoke just like a gentleman. Sherrie, Missy’s mother, was such a pleasure to work with from the first day at the studio consultation, throughout all of our phone and email conversations and the day of the wedding. I see a lot of Sherrie in her daughter Missy. 🙂

Fast forward to the toast and after hanging out with the two families all day long I kinda got to know them too. There were so many wonderful people that have so much love for each other it was amazing!

Sherrie, I am very honored & Thank You for hiring me to photograph your daughter’s wedding! I would also like to thank Janel Karrle and Ricky Craig for their assistance with photographing this wedding.

These ladies were always playful and fun to hang out with! Just look at these beautiful ladies!

Gorgeous Wedding Dress

I love Detail Shots!

I just love this image. The ladies were peeking out into the ceremony area to see what was going on.

Fun bridal party!

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Monte Sereno Wedding – Bay Area & Destination Wedding Photographer

Could not load this one image from FaceBook so I’ll load to the blog.
Shot a beautiful wedding this Saturday and the entire bridal party looked right out of a Vogue Magazine! The bride looked like Carrie Underwood too! So
here is a pic I took with my iPhone, more to come on the blog of their wedding soon!


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Model and HeadShot Portfolio – Bay Area Model & Head Shot Photographer

Brenda came into the studio a while back and wanted portraits of herself for her hubby! I finally got permission to post some images here and on Face Book
All I can say is that Brenda is one of Almaden’s hottest mama’s!

This first one is my fave! Hot!!!

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Update your head shot with this Promo – Bay Area Executive, Model & Casual Head Shot Photographer

Choose your style: Executive, Model or Casual Head Shot.

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10’s Almaden Baseball All-Stars South Team – Bay Area Sport Photographer

Congrats to these Boys of Summer for making the 10 Year Old Almaden Baseball All-Star Team!  It was a good game to watch just because my son wasn’t playing, especially pitching, so I didn’t have a nail biting time while there.  I’m sure you mom’s know what I’m talking about!

The sun was out, the sky was blue, the smell of fresh popcorn was in the air and every now and then a whiff of hotdogs on the grill made my mouth water .  Ahh, those good ‘ole memories of baseball that I surely miss!  Had to watch my girlfriend’s son play just so I could get dust in my eyes, ha ha.  While there I took pics but didn’t move one bit so these were shot through the fence where I was sitting.  Enjoy!


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