Junior Prom

“Remember me?”, my blog said to me as I returned to dust the cobwebs off of the keyboard. I know, I know I’ve been busy but I do admit that I am not a Blogger nor a computer techie but a photographer. Here are a few pics of my son Gabe and his girlfriend Amanda. They are so cute! If I could be young again, those were the days…sigh.

I had them do this over and over again until I got the exposure that I wanted. Sorry about that you two! 😉

The light was coming through the leaves of the tree nearby that was providing us shade. This is one of my favorites!

Getting ready.

I learned how to use textures on images thanks to Matt Nicolosi!

They’re just so cute!

I was still working on getting the exposure I wanted and snapped this while they were talking. Cute with the hands in the pocket, so gentleman like.

Happy Day!

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