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Maui Destination with Premier Access

I had the pleasure of taking pictures for the clients of Premier Access on their “Romantic Getaway” in Maui. Some clients had their session on Valentine’s Day so that was a special treat too. We were spoiled rotten beginning with our stay at the Hyatt Regency(in Kaanapali), relaxed with a wonderful spa treatment, a handful golfed on the Island of Lanai, enjoyed dinner at The Pineapple Grill in Napili? and Ruth Chris in Lahaina, received a goody bag with of lot’s of tasty treats and sampled delicious island foods at a cocktail party. Each morning we had a wonderful breakfast at the restaurant in the Hyatt. My breakfast choice was the eggs Benedict, a melt in your mouth delicious way to start the day, along with freshly squeezed OJ and mouthwatering island fresh fruit.

The whale excursion aboard The Shangrila was thrilling as we watched 5 whales breach just 60 yards away!! It was my first time seeing a whale that close and I was in awe of how beautiful and huge they are, wow!! The feeling of nausea kicked in even after taking Bonadine, a medicine similar to Dramamine, but without the drowsy effect. After taking a break, the feeling of nausea diminished almost entirely but while I was resting Rodney, with Premier Access, took some pictures of tails for me. Thanks Rodney!

I have to share the funniest incident that happened on this trip. The clients boarded The Shangrila and I was off to the side taking a group picture of them aboard. Suddenly the catamaran drifted out into the ocean and I froze. I was supposed to be on board too! I thought, “Oh well, I’ll spend the early evening taking landscape pictures.” The catamaran reversed it’s direction and I heard the members aboard shouting for me. My adrenaline overflowing, I found myself quickly running into and jumping over the waves, camera high above my head, ocean water waist deep, (did I mention I was wearing white shorts!?!?), but never the less the captain kindly brought the catamaran close to shore so that I could safely get on board. Everyone applauded and for the remainder of the trip I was reminded how I was “brave”, “willed” and “passionate” for doing what I did. I had a good attitude about it but I wasn’t quick to think that I should have charged everyone for putting on a show. No, not that show! My boy short undies with pink squares sticking stuck to my see though white shorts, LOL!! I brought along my Lucky Brand jeans to change into. How lucky was I?
Further more, while I was body surfing through the waves, some of the clients were taking pictures of me. The feeling was like being starstruck as if the Paparazzi needed that photo for the front of Mad Magazine. It’s all good 😉

The clients were all so friendly and did a great job by doing everything I asked of them. “Let’s go here, do this, do that, lean here, down a little more, no not that far down! ha ha They all made it so easy for me but I do wish I had more time to spend with each couple to get to know them better and of course take more pictures. You were all wonderful and thank you for making the session so fun and easy!!

Richard, thank you for hiring me, for a second time in Maui! I can honestly say it wasn’t work at all since this is my passion and just so you know I am available anytime and anywhere you need me!



The following is only a preview of the “Romantic Getaway”. Richard Fulton, CMO of Premier Access, has a surprise in store for his clients so I can’t show too much. Patience, after all, is a virtue.

Sidenote: I like Margaret Thatcher’s remark on patience. “I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.”

Romantic Sessions

My husband Mike and I. Mike is a client of Premier Access as well.

The whale excursion was aboard The Shangrilas off the West Co
ast of Maui in Kaanapali. We boarded just in front of Whaler’s Village.

Photographic Art
These are for sale and look great on large wrapped canvass, canvass frame, watercolor prints and linen texture prints. Email me if you are interested.

This image was taken at the Hyatt Regency. I gave it a watercolor look using photoshop.

These were all taken at Hookipa Beach in Maui. Many surfers and wind surfers come to play here because the waves can get quite large.

I walked away from this spot and returned to see a surfer getting ready to play! It added a nice touch to the image.

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Aloha Maui

I soon will be sitting in the sun, sipping a Hula Girl, wind blowing in my hair and be as happy as a clam. On vacation and working in paradise, what else can I ask for? I will post some images when I return.


These images were taken last year during our family vacation in Maui.

My favorite restaurant serves the best lunch and dinner in Whalers Village at the Hula Grill. My favorite drink happens to named the Tommy Girl. I like to say they made it just for me. 😉
Vodka, cranberry juice, lemon juice with a wedge of lime. It’s so refreshing.

The Hula Grill serves up live music almost every night.

I’ve been told that at the end of Big Beach there is a nude beach.

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Maui Family Vacation

We had a Family Vacation in Maui late July. I’m really behind on blogging. Enjoy!

Gabe on the fly

Silouette of Hawaiian Singer


Romance in Maui

Mikey Looking GQ

Collage of Images

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My Work

I’ve been gone a few days but back catching up now. First, I’d like to show an image that a company used for one of their brochures. This image was taken in Maui last year. I’ve blurred out info you really didn’t need to read.

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Pictures in Paradise *Maui*

What a great time in Maui. Richard Fulton, CMO of Premier Access in Sacramento, asked me to take portraits of guests on a trip they hosted early September. It was an honor and of course, pictures in paradise, who in their right mind would turn it down?? See more portraits at my website.

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