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Tips for Head Shots | Business Portraits & Executive Head Shots in the San Jose and Surrounding Areas

I photograph many Head Shots in the San Jose and the surrounding areas. There are many terms to the type people are looking for: Head Shots, Business Portraits, Actor Portfolio, Executive Head Shots but the questions are common and usually the same.

1. Do I need one?
2. What do I wear?
3. What color backgrounds do you have?
4. Can you come to my office?
5. I want a friendly look and I’m shy in front of the camera. Can you help me?
6. Do I need make up and hair done (ladies)?
7. Should I get a hair cut / trim my beard (men)?

Do I need a Professional Head Shot?
Most people who have an online presence do. Realtors, speakers, executives, book authors, actors and many other professionals all need some type of
professional business image to for their online portfolio. Your image is one of the first things people identify and relate to you. Your face and how you appear in your business portrait should be the attention and portal to you and your brand.

[caption id="attachment_4215" align="alignleft" width="214"]Business Casual Head Shot Business Casual Head Shot[/caption]

What do I wear for my business head shot?
If you are looking for a casual business head shot look or a professional portrait look, no matter what way I highly suggest you go with solid colors. Patterns tend to get too busy. If you are looking for the Executive type image I would recommend the suit or jacket and tie. The casual business head shot, sample above, is a friendly look with a jacket and small tie. The very casual look can be dressy or very casual or both as seen in the sample image below.
[caption id="attachment_4219" align="alignright" width="217"]Casual Head Shot Magazine editor who is wearing a client dress that she wants to showcase in her casual head shot.[/caption]
Unless you are modeling clothing I would also suggest you avoid anything that will cover your face like a hat and sunglasses. Yes, people have asked.

What color backgrounds do you have?
We have many backgrounds but the most used color is the gray background. Gray goes with everything. If you wear a dark color we darken the background. If you wear a lighter color we lighten the the gray background. Matching the color you wear is also pleasing image to the eye and bring attention to your face.

Can you come to me or my office?
Of course! We travel all over the Bay Area and beyond. Depending on how far your office is we do have a small travel and set up fee. Ideally we will need at least a 10 foot by 10 foot area to set up the lighting. We have worked in very tight spaces, hallways and closets too, and we just make an adjustment to our lighting. We can also find an area outside your office and make a suggestion or two. The image below was taken inside a residence with the realtor and his team. We took both individual head shots and of his group.
[caption id="attachment_4223" align="alignleft" width="250"]Business Casual Marketing Image on Location Business Casual Marketing Image on Location[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_4226" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Group Photo Outdoor Group Photo Outdoor[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_4230" align="alignright" width="214"]Casual Business Head Shot Casual Business Head Shot[/caption]

I want a friendly look and I’m shy in front of the camera. Can you help me?
We understand what it’s like to be in front of the camera. Just a simple breathing technique and simple poses at first will help you relax. We show clients how great they look from the back of the camera and that also relaxes our clients.

Do I need make up and hair done (ladies)?
We know hair and make up are an added expense but it is highly recommended if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Less is more when it comes to business and casual head shots. Women don’t need a lot of make up like a model would or as in a fashion photo shoot. Natural make up works best as you would normally wear it. You can always add a bit more to darken the eyes and lips to give it a slightly different look. Hair can be worn straight or curly and I suggest you wear it so that you are comfortable and confident.
DO NOT get your color or cut done right before your head shot. Wait a week or two and let the color settle.

Should I get a hair cut / trim my beard (men)?
Wait a week and come see us after your hair cut. Your stylist might cut it too short and you don’t want that “just cut my hair” look for your image. Beards – trim it evenly so that it has that nicely groomed look.
[caption id="attachment_4233" align="alignleft" width="214"]Head Shot with Beard Head Shot with Beard[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_4234" align="alignright" width="214"]Head Shot with Beard Head Shot with Beard[/caption]

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San Jose Business Head Shots | Save on your Head Shot | San Jose Head Shot Photographer

Business Head Shot Savings – Take $25 off your head shot when you purchase before October 15. Purchase now and book at a later date. This is for at your location only. We can create beautiful casual business head shots like these for your LinkedIn, Twitter and Website profiles. Give us a call before the deadline to save on your next business head shot.
I went onsite to this groups location while they worked for the day and took individual head shots as well as a group portrait for their business.
Please contact me for more information on how I can help you to look your best for your head shot, what to wear and we can decide on a location.
Charlene Chavez Photography
5891 Winfield Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95123
(408)859-6267 \

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San Jose Beauty & Fashion Photographer | Post From My New Cool WordPress App

I love to be outdoor and travel quite a bit. I usually take thousands of pics using my iPhone. I found a WordPress App that gives me great flexibility to blog away from my computer.

My first mobile blog post…this is so cool!!! Popped in to see my girlfriend Malai at her new salon location this morning. She’s an esthetician and can tell you how to get beautiful skin just like hers.

Studio M 6485 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95120 |  (510)861-7503


Image I took of her in the studio a while back.

Congratulations Malai!!!

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Professional Head Shots | San Jose and Bay Area Photographer

Professional Head Shot

Brittney and her family (husband and golden retriever) moved into their first home in Almaden three and a half years ago. Brittney has been actively involved in the community since moving here, including serving in the Scholarship Chair position and the Vice President of Programs for the Almaden Valley Womens Club and maintaing active participation in various committees within Saint Anthony Church, and formerly working within the local Almaden schools as an occupational therapist. 

Brittney is the owner of Almdaden Valley Children’s Therapy Center, a pediatric occupational therapy clinic. Brittney offers expertise and treatment for children in the areas of self-regulation, sensory processing, self-care, gross motor, fine motor, social interaction and executive functioning skills. Brittney earned her undergraduate and graduate degree in occupational therapy from San Jose State University. Brittney has been honored for her contributions to the profession of occupational therapy by the Occupational Therapy Association of California.  Brittney’s has experience working in a variety of settings including private clinics, non-public and public schools, public health and an acute-care hospital. This variety has given her a breath of experience for her to pull from when working with families. Brittney has taken extensive training in the area of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). She has trained under many world renowned therapists including Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Dr. Sarah Schoen. From her experiences, she strongly believes that families must be empowered and supported just as much as the children and that they are the most important therapist in their child’s life.

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Professional & Business Head Shots | San Jose & Bay Area Head Shot Photographer

Whether you are looking for a personal and casual, semi-business but dressy look or completely business and professional look we are glad to help coordinate your look for your professional head shot. If you’re not sure you are more than welcome to bring all of your clothing in and we can help you put together the look you are trying to achieve.

This casual head shot was photographed in the studio on a grey background. She saw the vanity lights and asked if they could be superimposed in the background. Below is the result for one of this client’s updated professional head shot.
professional_business headshot

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