College Students | San Jose & SF Bay Area Professional Head Shots

This is for all the college students out there. It’s time to put down your smartphone and stop taking those selfies in the ladies and men’s room. You know what I’m talking about, the one with the toilet stall or bathroom sinks in the background. It’s funny though that the light in bathrooms are usually pretty good. Focus here, you’re almost done with college and it’s time to grow up which means you will soon be working on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and probably a website. Using a professional head shot will make a huge difference! You will be taken more seriously and look professional. I’ve had more college students contact me to schedule their head shot when they return to town. I know funds can be tight but if you would like to join in a group session it will be less of sticker price for you. My normal pricing begins at $150 but with a group of 5 it can go down to $115. You can opt for a casual/business head shot outdoors too. Contact me for ideas and what to wear.

This model is wearing a brightly colored dress with a not so busy print in a casual setting. She can use this as her LinkedIn portfolio, Twitter profile, her website and her digital business card.

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