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I really enjoy taking large and small group portraits whether it’s a volunteer organization, business group or an extended family session. What I really like doing is telling people what to do. 😉
The truth is I like the challenge and getting creative with large groups. No matter how much I plan ahead I have to be ready for any curves that come my way: kids crying, family drama, pants ripping in the butt-ttocks (pronounced just like in Forest Gump), team members running late or even equipment malfunction which is why I carry back up equipment at all times. The next time you are planning your large or small group portrait please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll come double camera fisted and no need to apologize in advance for your family behavior either. I’ve just about seen it all and trust me, I can handle just about anything that comes my way.

This is The 2014 Silicon Valley Cares Board Members. Each year this organization raises funds for three different non-profits one being the Par Tee Classic Golf Tournament in August and the Broomstick Ball Costumed Halloween event. Both events are a blast and a must attend as each year the decor and themes get better than the previous. Check out their website and click on events from the menu. Silicon Valley Cares

Below is a previous year’s Board Members portrait.

One from last year’s Par Tee Golf tournament.
events_large group portrait

Coming soon is the 2014 Almaden Valley Women’s Club Board Members portrait. The AVWC is celebrating their 38th Annual Art & Wine Festival this coming September 14. They were voted “One of the best festivals in San Jose, that features something for everybody!” Check out their website and please put the Art & Wine Festival on your calendar. The Almaden Valley Cares Women’s Club

Below is the 2013 Almaden Valley Women’s Club Board Members group portrait.

One final image from an extended family session. This family was actually an easy group to photograph. The only challenges included were finding a cool location on a hot summer afternoon, in the shade to fit them all and it needed to be close to their church event. We looked around at several locations and photographed at the side of Los Gatos High School.
extended family portrait

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