Meet Amalia, My New Office/Photography Assistant

Some of you may already have met my new assistant at a photo shoot or wedding.  I had asked Amalia to write a simple Bio of herself so that I could announce her as my new assistant.  I took it upon myself to write up a super hilarious Bio for her but we had to edit 99% out.  She said, “I don’t know what to say and I don’t want to brag about myself.”  I know how she feels because it does feel a little like bragging when I talk about myself too.  It’s rare but give me a few lemon drops and I can go on and on about how good I think I am!  Ha ha, I’m only joking.

So being the shy gal that she is, {not}, I will brag for her.   Amalia is attending school at this time taking photography & culinary classes.  Two of the top things I really enjoy doing and a couple of the many reasons why I really like her and why we get along so well.   Her full time job is taking care of her four rather good looking and not to mention very busy kids.  Amalia is an awesome assistant, friend and cook and this I know first hand because she is also my neighbor.  She is so thoughtful and kind!  A handful of times when I was home solo she just popped over and brought some pretty tasty dinners.  Amalia, you’re welcome to bring them over any time.  We had met a few times for basic social media and other photography related software training and she caught on so quickly.  I am relieved that I can ask Amalia to do something and know that it will get done especially when I am away from my computer or traveling.  Amalia really enjoys working with me because she told me so and that I am the coolest boss ever!  No really, she said this to me!!! Well anyway,  Amalia looks forward to meeting you at an upcoming photo shoot or via email.

I’m so glad she’s my neighbor and I’m looking forward to many photo shoots,  good times in the kitchen/backyard bbq’s and I’m really looking forward to tasting her cakes soon!  She just took on another culinary class: decorating cakes/wedding cakes.  Thank you Amalia for all that you do for me!

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