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Newborn and Children Portraits | Newborn & Children Photographer in the San Jose and & SF Bay Area

This image of big brother and little baby sister just melts my heart. The relationship this little guy has with his little baby sister is so gentle and loving I know this little baby will be so blessed to have such a wonderful role model as well.❤️

We photograph many children and their relationships. We don’t always show this kind of work to protect our clients but it happens and we are grateful our clients book us to capture their newborn and children portraits! It gives us pure joy and pleasure to create such wonderful art of their children’s portraits for our clients.
When you are ready, please contact us to schedule your consult to discuss how we can create beautiful portraits of your newborn and children or if you have a newborn or children you would want us to photograph. We are excited and waiting to hear from you!

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Baby Portraits | San Jose Baby Photographer

Photographing babies has been a favorite of mine for quite some years. Although I don’t always show my work here for parents request but it’s ok, I don’t mind and respect their privacy.

When I do post, which has been a while, I do feel like it’s bragging but I need to get over that feeling.

A mentor told me I NEED to post not only Newborns but everything else I photograph and more often! This helps with SEO on getting found in Google.

It makes sense so no more feeling like I’m bragging!

I photographed Baby M this morning. ? Thank You @katheeeeeeeeee for bringing her in. We had a great time, baby M is super adorable and looks just like her brother.

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