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Earn Points to Win Cool Prizes and Mini Sessions!

Who doesn’t like to earn free prizes for a little bit of work. They do say, no one earns a lunch for free! You can earn some pretty cool prizes and mini sessions for your family by doing a few things. Earn points by doing any of the following and win a 30 minute mini family session that includes a mini portrait package for the Fall of 2009, Spring of 2010 and or Fall of 2010. The mini portrait package includes: 1-8×0 portrait, 2-5×7 portraits and 24 wallets. If you wish, you can upgrade the 8×10 portrait to a larger size for an additional cost.

To earn points:
a. Friend me on FaceBook – 2 points
b. Refer a friend to Friend me on FaceBook – 2 points
c. Become a Fan on FaceBook – 2 points
d. Refer a friend to become a Fan on FaceBook – 2pts
e. Forward my newsletter and if they sign up for future emails – 3 points
d. Leave a comment on my NEW BLOG – 5 points for each comment (only 1 comment per post) Just make sure you enter your name and email so that I can contact you.
e. Enter any of my contests – 10 points

One family cannot win all three packages. Limit one package per family. Three separate families to win the three separate packages.
You must email me your points and all of your information by midnight on the deadline date.
Deadlines for points accumulated:
2009 Fall Season Session – deadline is October 15, 2009, all points zero out at midnight for next contest.
2010 Spring Season Session -deadline is March 1, 2010, all points zero out at midnight for next contest.
2010 Fall Season Session – deadline is October 15, 2009, all points zero out at midnight for next contest.

You must keep track of your own points, send me the information via email and I will verify the information. In the subject line please reference Blog/Contest Points. If I receive your email after the deadline date, it will not be counted.

Check back often to find out about new contests, when the voting begins and who the winning families are. I will announce all of this information on my blog so you snooze, you lose! heh heh heh

Happy Thursday!

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New Contest – Win A Mini Session!

Take a picture of your family with a tent pitched in the back yard roasting marshmallows in the evening. You must all be in your pj’s, all wearing cowboy hats and mom must be wearing bright red lipstick! A dog must be in the image too wearing a red bandanna. If you don’t have a dog substitute your cat. If you have neither, adopt one from your local SPCA or borrow your neighbor’s.

We’ll take a vote for the most creative image that comes in and one family will win a 30 minute mini session!

Are you up for the challenge? Sound like fun? Ready? Set? Go! The contest begins now!

Send the image to me before Friday, June 12 no later than midnight. Size it to exactly 5×5 inches and at 72dpi. Photos not properly sized will not be included. Label it with your family’s last name with Cookout. example: Chavez Cookout. Email the image to Charclc@Yahoo.com and in the subject line reference it your image name.

Rules: Only 1 image per family can be submitted, image must be properly sized or it will not be included in the contest, image must be sent before the deadline, voting will take place on my blog so encourage as many family and friends to participate during the voting process to get you that extra vote! Have Fun!! The winning family will get a 30 minute mini session to be used before October 31, 2009.


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