The Art of Hand Letter Writing

What ever happened to the art of developing a letter the old fashioned way, hand written?? I was reading the Merc over the weekend and came across the LifeStyle section where it was showcasing reader responses to comments or questions. This weekend’s comment was, “Recently, I discovered…” The article was relating to one’s self or travels but I ignored the suggestion and decided to write about hand written letters.

My response: Recently I discovered, but not really discovered because it is obvious, that no one writes hand written letters anymore.

I was reading Matt Nicolosi’s blog earlier and he posted a picture of his hand written letter to his wife. It was very romantic! It reminded me, too, that we humans have really lost touch with the art of handwriting. We email, chat, blog and now twitter ourselves away. Reading a printout of your saved letters will never give you the same feeling as those hand written letter’s bundled together ever so carefully. The feeling is almost like going back to the past and sometimes you can even smell it too. When was the last time you wrote, not typed, blogged, copied and pasted but hand wrote a letter? We are teaching our Kinders to write their name and the ABC’s but what good does it do when they are taught to write essays on the computer in 1st grade? How about those teens you see at the supermarket texting away as if they had 5 thumbs on each hand? Technology can be a bad thing sometimes.

When I was a teen in middle school my best friend and I wrote letters to each other over the summer weekly. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to talk on the phone much so it was our little secret that she taped a dime inside each letter she wrote so that I could sneak away to the local 7 Eleven store and give her a call. I excitedly waited by the mailbox when the postman came around and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the pink envelope to read the little scribbles of my dearest best friend Lorie!!

Of course, I was also excited to dash off to the store so I could call her too!

So, the next time you want to tell your kids or husband how much you love them, do it the old fashioned way, hand write it!

Happy Writing,


Matt Nicolosi - March 17, 2009 - 5:36 am

So true, Charlene. Handwritten just seems so much more personal. When my grandpa passed away the family had to go through my grandparents house and sort everything out (my grandma had already passed), and we found lots of handwritten notes and letters. It was such a cool thing because it was like a piece of them had lived on we were holding something tangible they had created. You just don’t get that feel with typed and printed letters.

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